27 Jan 2016 | von admin | 0 Kommentare

IBM Domino has been around for decades. Mid-sized to very large companies have built hundreds and thousands of applications around IBM Domino that support their business processes; many of those applications are business critical, e.g. because they store information that is subject to legal requirements.

But the IT world keeps changing. New technologies arise nearly every day. Companies need to continuously review their IT strategy in order not to fall behind. Regarding IBM’s Domino offering there are quite a few reasons why companies reassess their investments into that technology. Many of those companies already have decided or are in the process of deciding to move away from IBM Domino. They are looking at Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems like Alfresco, EMC Documentum, OpenText, SharePoint etc. to replace the applications they have built on IBM Domino technology over the last 15 to 20 years. Another option is to archive the information from these applications in an Enterprise Archive like EMC’s InfoArchive platform. And – what a surprise, this is not an easy job. IBM Domino as well as the applications built on top of it has unique features that the target platform might not support and that might be difficult to implement – even with huge customizing efforts.

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