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Introduction Big Data in the Life Science and Pharmaceutical Industry
A key driving factor in the life science and pharmaceutical industry is the possibility to handle large volumes of data in order to access, manage and analyze the data. To be able to gain business efficiency and a good performance, the drug development needs to take place in a best time to market relationship. Therefore, more completed clinical trials are necessary in a shortened timeframe. An acceleration in the drug development leads to an improved drug pipeline, less costs and faster product releases and therefore better profitability.
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(German version below)

Berlin, Ahrensburg, Munich, Hanover – German wide locations for training measures are perfectly normal. Long arrival and departure times, high costs as well as the integration into daily routine make it difficult to participate in stationary face-to-face trainings. This leads to even greater problems for companies with international locations. One solution to this would be the offering of online trainings. But even this holds difficulties. The course participants need a good time and self-management because the responsibility of the learning results is transferred to them. Furthermore, often the personal contact and social exchange with other participants are missing.
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(English version below)
Da wir Azubis jetzt schon ein paar Wochen bei der fme AG sind und ihre Kultur kennen lernen durften, wollten wir einmal unseren Eindruck und die Erfahrungen, die wir bei unserem Start in Braunschweig sammeln konnten, teilen.

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