19 Okt 2012 | von fmaul | 0 Kommentare

In it’s latest Enterprise release Alfresco bridges the divide between it’s on premise server product and its cloud offering. The Alfresco cloud, that has been introduced in May 2012, provides an online collaboration platform that can be used to collaborate on projects without the need to set up and host an Alfresco server yourself.

Naturally, every company wants to keep their internal document management system as secure as possible and on premise systems are rarely opened up to the internet or even VPNs used by external partners.

With the latest version 4.1 Alfresco has introduced a Cloud Sync capability, which allows users of an on premise Alfresco Enterprise system to make documents available in the Alfresco Cloud and allow synchronization of changes in both directions. This enables the users to collaborate on select documents with external partners while business critical and confidential documents stay securely in the on premise document management system.

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