31 Aug 2017 | von Dirk Bode | 0 Kommentare

Die Digitalisierung verändert die Welt nachhaltig. Neue digitale Technologien drängen mit immer höherer Geschwindigkeit auf den Markt und ermöglichen eine Vielzahl von neuen Geschäftsmodellen. Netflix und Co. haben die Videotheken eliminiert, Uber setzt die Taxi-Industrie unter Druck, die Hotellerie spürt den Atem von Airbnb im Nacken und die Autoindustrie fürchtet sich vor Tesla, Google, Apple und Co mehr als vor den üblichen und bekannten Wettbewerbern.

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24 Aug 2017 | von Jörg Friedrich | 1 Kommentare

Sometimes not the leading edge technologies are causing you headaches, but also solid requirements like synchronizing your Document object’s attributes with SAP.
In this blog post I will explain the differences and purposes of the OpenText Documentum Archive Services for SAP and OpenText Documentum Content Services for SAP as well as the challenge to synchronize only modified SAP data into OpenText Documentum.

OpenText Documentum Archive Services for SAP
The main purpose of the OpenText Documentum Archive Services for SAP (ASSAP) is to accept content (e.g. the printable bill) delivered by SAP. For this, the ASSAP exposes as ArchiveLink server. With the ArchiveLink protocol, SAP is not only able to archive content but also able to retrieve that content for display purposes. Such content can be for example billing documents. So the active part is SAP. OpenText Documentum is the passive part. The ASSAP will create the link information with SAP archive maintenance data.

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1 Aug 2017 | von Kirstin Dreyfuerst | 0 Kommentare

The continuously growing number of contracts and their precise handling is a constant challenge to many organizations. Therefore, fme developed an OpenText Documentum D2 based Contract Management Framework. With this framework, clients can efficiently manage their contracts and ensure that they are accurately recorded and audited to meet compliance guidelines. But what’s behind all this? Let’s take a closer look!

OpenText Documentum D2 – a solid backbone

The OpenText D2 background provides a configurable and adaptable basis with which the contract management solution can easily be adapted to customer needs.

Main functions of the fme D2 Contract Management Framework

The solution contains all basic settings for the setup of contract management documents and processes: a set of document types with attributes, lifecycles and workflows, permission control and search and reporting functionality.

Additionally it contains a specific clause library functionally to compose contracts of already reviewed and internally approved text blocks, which are organized as part documents and serve as contract template parts. This reduces risks of inconsistency and ensures organizational compliance.
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