How to cope with platform uncertainties in ECM projects?
Okt 19, 2016 | by Klaus Beckmann | 0 Comments

ecm platform uncertainties

Imagine, you have a set of user stories for a new enterprise content management (ECM) application. And you have an existing ECM platform up and running or you have selected a new one, but you are uncertain about the platform’s future. You will have to invest money for custom development to make users happy, and you want the solution to be supported for the next decade.

You have two options: stay with your current ECM platform or select a new one. But the decision process takes time – or you give it a try and test a new platform within your project. There are a lot of pros and cons and no general recommendation. It depends on your situation and the requirements for the new application.

If there is a business case that proves your investment in application development, then you should start your project immediately. The benefits for your users or company would  be postponed together with your project otherwise.

Let’s think about a third option: independency. Make your web application run independently from your existing ECM platform. Use an autonomous web solution framework and access your documents and content through an independent interface. Yes, there are extra costs but it gives you the option to exchange the ECM platform later. Important: This is not because you already intend to change your system, but you have the chance to do so. It’s just a method of risk management – reduce the costs for the (unlikely) event that it happens.

For this scenario we offer the fme Custom Solution Framework. We build tailor-made web applications with state-of-the-art web technologies on top of your ECM system. If you want to switch your system later, we can implement the application’s interface to work with the new ECM system and transfer the content with our migration-center. Seamlessly for the user – and without any changes in the user interface.

This approach gives you the necessary backing for your ECM projects. Stay in the driver seat and go on with your projects! Find out what the best platform for your needs is, but don’t postpone your projects.