Exploring D2 4.6
Jun 15, 2016 | by Antje Dwehus | 0 Comments


Out of curiosity to explore the new features of D2 4.6, I upgraded one of our D2 4.5 projects a few weeks ago. In this blog post I explain the new features, the upgrade, as well as our experiences with the new version of D2.

New Features

So apart from all the technical stuff, which new aspects will benefit the end users? The new release introduces a couple of valuable features.

  • The configuration for the Advanced Search now enables us to define one or more default typess which are pre-populated in the Advanced Search dialog. Great, it is no longer necessary to choose the object type every single time you perform an advanced search.
  • The ability to restore sessions to the last used workspace location in case of session time-out, logout, or browser close action. This is nice, it lets you return to your last locations in the repository.
  • A new user setting to allow for sorting and grouping of first folders then files. Finally!
  • The calendar control on property pages can be configured to display either date and time or the data only.
  • A property page with attributes can be configured for the checkin dialog to allow property changes for users with VERSION permit.
  • Move all versions of a document, rather than only the current one.
  • The import of folders is now possible without the D2 Auto Link feature. That means you can import folders to any location.
  • EMC introduces a new D2 REST API for integrations.
  • A default repository can be configured to help users login to the preferred one.
  • The value list dialog box on property pages supports wildcard search now.
  • The ability to specify default workspaces for users logging in the first time or workspaces which should always be displayed.

There are more features especially in the backend, but these seem to be the ones with the most impact for end users.


Migration from D2 4.5 to 4.6

The upgrade process went smoothly. An interesting change from previous upgrades is the new D2 Migration Utility. From D2 4.6 onwards various configuration types can be protected with ACLs, which improves security but also leads to a change in the object model. The migration utility involves deletion and recreation of data in the repository. This process is irreversible and hence it is strongly recommended to snapshot or backup the content server and the database before migrating. We had no problem with the migration tool. The existing D2 configuration was migrated one to one to the new D2 version 4.6. In addition, our custom listener plugins as well as some TBOs work without any problem in the new version.

Blogpost_Exploring D2 4.6_#316507

Folders before files, that makes sense


Summary and Outlook

With the new D2 version 4.6 EMC introduces a couple of valuable features, which improve the usability and enrich the D2 client in general. In addition, EMC improved the security of D2. This comes at the costs of a more complex upgrade process through the new migration utility. How much clients will benefit from these new features, depends on the specific usage scenario, but we have heard the requirements for some of the new features from clients in the past.

Please contact us for more detailed information about the new D2 4.6 release.