How to automatically keep your sales team up to date?
Aug 13, 2013 | by Mark Deckert | 0 Comments

We help our customers to structure and manage information more effectively and efficiently. And since we use what we sell, our marketing department manages all our marketing and sales collateral in our internal document management system (DMS). But how can they be sure that the sales team has always the latest documents with them? Our employees have access to the internal DMS via VPN when they are on the road. But what happens when they are offline and need access to a specific document?

Based on these challenges, the idea to docspread was born: A system to automatically distribute centrally managed marketing and sales documents to the iPads of the sales team. The iPad proved as an ideal device for this: small, handy, immediately operational, and with high performance and high storage capacity.

The docspread solution

Our docspread solution allows it to publish the relevant marketing and sales documents directly from a DMS to the docspread cloud service. From there, the sales agents can download the documents using the docspread app on their iPads.

A sophisticated encryption technique ensures that the documents are encrypted before they leave the company network and are decrypted only when they are viewed on the iPad. And since the documents stem from a DMS, not only their content but also their metadata is published to the iPads allowing for smart and quick navigation in the document pool on the mobile device.



If you are not using a DMS to manage your marketing and sales documents, you can use the docspread manager application to import and manage your documents in the file system and manually publish them to the docspread cloud service.

docspread components

The most important docspread component is the docspread app because it is the face to the sales agents and customers. The docspread app provides the following features in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the sales agents:

  • Smart navigation: Due to the two-level categorization the sales agents have a really fast access to the needed information.
  • Access protection: The documents will be encrypted before they leave the company network with a key that only the sales agents know. And they will be decrypted only just before showing them on the iPad. Thus not even the administrator of the cloud servers can access the content of the documents.
  • Availability: The sales agents can access their documents any time anywhere because they are stored (of course encrypted) on their iPads. Updates can be downloaded whenever the sales agents are online, keeping the sales material up to date.
  • Different view modes: The grid view mode with its small preview images provides a quick overview of the documents’ pages. In cover flow view one can browse conveniently through the pages of your documents. And in presentation view mode the pages are shown on the full screen – ideal for customer presentations.

Another important docspread component is the docspread manager. This Windows application allows you

  • to setup and configure your docspread account,
  • to define your categories for the smart navigation,
  • to manually manage and publish your sales and marketing documents.

The docspread manager also ensures the highest level of access protection for your documents because it encrypts them with your company’s unique content encryption key before they leave your company network.

The third component of the docspread system is the docspread cloud service. This fast and reliable web service is hosted in a state-of-the-art data center in Germany. It stores the encrypted documents along with their encrypted metadata and lets authorized users download their documents to their iPads.

Got curious?

Upload your own marketing and sales collateral to the docspread cloud and experience the benefits of presenting your documents any time anywhere to your customers. And the best: The docspread team edition is absolutely free for up to five users. Find more use cases and details on docspread on our product web site

To setup your own docspread account just download and install the docspread manager application. You can download it from our website at