Keep calm and love Documentum (at least quite a bit longer)
Sep 23, 2016 | by Dirk Bode | 0 Comments


Interesting announcement from Alfresco. They started an aggressive > swap out program against Documentum pushing the fear that Documentum is going away or going south soon. First of all, Alfresco is a really good ECM platform – fme has been an Alfresco partner for many years. There might be good reasons for the one or the other company to decide to change their ECM platform within the next weeks or months, but it should have nothing to do with the OpenText acquisition. Fear has always been a bad advisor. Documentum is not going away any time soon, or why do you think OpenText payed 1,6 billion USD? They have to keep up the flow of maintenance money for quite some years to make the deal work.

As a consultant I can only recommend all Documentum customers to relax and keep calm. Wait until the deal closes and then take your time to evaluate your options. If you are a life science solution customer there is no need to be worried at all. Neither OpenText nor Alfresco has anything even close to what Documentum can offer. What do you want to swap your solution out against? There is no alternative. Once OpenText starts to communicate how it will integrate the Documentum portfolio you can start to evaluate your options. Until then keep calm and love Documentum! And if you want to change the platform bring in a consulting company that is working with more than one ECM platform to help you with the evaluation. The software vendor often has one goal and one goal only: to sell, no matter what. A good consulting company has another goal: “to find the solution that helps you to deal with your business and technical challenges to master your digital transformation initiatives in the best possible way.” So in case you need help: give us a call 😉

Dirk Bode
CEO fme group