fme AG announces development of a new dqMan commercial version for administration of OpenText Documentum

Braunschweig, Germany – December 7, 2021 – With the new dqMan, users can expect the release of a revised version providing compatibility to current OpenText Documentum applications and feature enhancements like a new user interface offering an improved user experience.


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dqMan has been on the market for 18 years as a free administration tool for OpenText Documentum customers to administrate, maintain, and program the Documentum Content Server. When OpenText introduced the 20.X Cloud Edition, dqMan did not provide a stable compatibility with the OpenText Documentum platform. In order to further support current OpenText Documentum versions and provide an enterprise-grade software product, fme AG has decided to enhance and commercialize the product.

“By developing the new dqMan version, we are able to offer our users a connection to the current OpenText Documentum environment”, explains Florian-Piaszyk-Hensen, Director of fme Products. “Packed with useful functionalities to further simplify administration processes within OpenText Documentum, the new dqMan is created as a professional product for Open Text Documentum experts and will fulfill all aspects of an enterprise software in terms of reliability, compatibility, and quality,” he continues.

Along with the enhanced dqMan, fme will introduce a dedicated support and maintenance service which has been frequently requested by customers over the last years. This additional service allows enterprises to use dqMan in a more reliable, riskless, and professional manner and ensures the compatibility with the latest OpenText Documentum releases.

In addition, the revised dqMan will come with a new, modern user interface. Designed to be more intuitive for its users, it will include a flexible search and navigation option through the repository and improve the user experience. The support for Unicode languages will also be part of the new product version. Furthermore, dqMan will support additional platform and script languages like Veeva VQL and Microsoft PowerShell in the near future.

Tillmann Rehm, Principal Consultant at fme AG and responsible for the development of dqMan, summarizes the benefits of the upcoming version as follows: “The main benefit on the technical side will be the full native support for x64-based environments including Java, Documentum/DFC up to the latest version (currently 21.4), and latest server operation systems. Also, extended character sets will be available. Of course, dqMan will get a modern UI, enhanced usability, and bug fixing. For the first time, fme will also offer support and maintenance to all registered users.”

The release of the new dqMan commercial version is planned for the second quarter of 2022 and will replace the current free version. Further product information will soon be available on a dedicated landing page containing purchase options and a support channel.

About dqMan

dqMan is an administration tool for OpenText Documentum users to administrate, maintain, and program the Documentum Content Server and has been on the market for 18 years. With dqMan, fme provides an integrated interface for fast and effective use of OpenText Documentum API and DQL commands. Save valuable working time and enhance the quality of your applications.

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