OpenText Documentum for Asset Operations

Control documentation and automate workflows for plant operations and maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime

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Ensure operation and safety

Organizations in the Energy, Utilities and Resources industries face more pressure than ever to run large-scale operating assets efficiently and without interruption, while maximizing asset lifespan and meeting strict health, safety, security and environmental (HSSE) regulations.

Secure and transparent asset documentation

The increased requirements for quality and safety make secure and transparent asset documentation imperative for operators of large industrial plants. In addition to drawings, specifications, expert opinions, permits and contracts, the management of the entire documentation of technical plants also includes, for example, the entire e-mail correspondence.

OpenText Documentum for Asset Operations is the solution for these challenges. It reduces the time and expertise required to find, share and transmit the most complete and up-to-date asset-related information.

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SAP Integration OpenText Documentum Asset Operations

OpenText Documentum for Asset Operations

OpenText™ Documentum™ for Asset Operations integrates with key business applications so users can access documents with familiar software to find the right information. The solution provides access through the desktop, mobile devices, and maintenance management systems. It helps your users be productive anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of OpenText Documentum for Asset Operations

Quickly access the most up-to-date asset information

Run projects within a common repository

Increased effectiveness through mobile working

Comply with health, safety, security and environmental requirements

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Support industry regulations and best practices

Controls access for external suppliers to collaborate

Avoid risks and lower costs

The solution enables your organization to comply with dynamically changing, industry-specific regulatory standards and helps you avoid the potential fines, unplanned downtime and negative publicity that result from compliance violations.

Furthermore, the administrative effort and costs of all plant-related documents can be significantly reduced. The turnaround time for changes is shortened and fewer errors occur due to access to incorrect information.

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Simple approval processes

Incomplete, missing or inaccurate asset-related information can lead to delays and failures to comply with HSSE regulations or an inability to prove compliance during an audit or inspection. Documentum for Asset Operations ensures reliable regulatory compliance by automatically creating a full audit trail. Enforced review, electronic signatures approval, tracking and reporting. Status actions like “to be read and understood” simplify approval processes and ensure inspection-readiness.

More efficiency, compliance and reliability

Documentum for Asset Operations harnesses all of an organization’s scattered information into one system. Users gain control and can quickly access all asset-related documents, giving them the most up to date information, relevant drawings and SOPs. Effectively managing asset-related documents, change requests, reviews and approvals through a structured approach improves efficiency, compliance and reliability.

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