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Who hasn’t already made the painful experience of how bad communication has led to additional costs and reduced the quality of a project at the same time? We don’t want that to happen at all and therefore most project leaders today are very aware of the importance of communication within their project.

To help keeping your communication straightforward in a migration project, let’s have a closer look at the mapping specification as a crucial document in migration projects.

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(German version below)

Berlin, Ahrensburg, Munich, Hanover – German wide locations for training measures are perfectly normal. Long arrival and departure times, high costs as well as the integration into daily routine make it difficult to participate in stationary face-to-face trainings. This leads to even greater problems for companies with international locations. One solution to this would be the offering of online trainings. But even this holds difficulties. The course participants need a good time and self-management because the responsibility of the learning results is transferred to them. Furthermore, often the personal contact and social exchange with other participants are missing.
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Apr 14, 2016 | by Ria Gebert | 0 Comments

Unfortunately, that is reality far too often. The rollout of a new software takes place without integrating those people that should eventual use it effectively– namely the employees. But rollout projects are always change projects because the use of a new application normally is connected with process changes in the functioning of the employees. But why changing well-tried? That is what many users ask themselves and start using the new software with old and familiar processes. It is obvious that this is doomed to failure and the result is rejection and frustration from all sides. The solution: target-group-specific communication starting at an early stage.

A communications strategy that accompanies an employee before, during and after introducing a new software and which considers the elements hand, head and stomach increases the satisfaction and the success of each rollout. But why especially these three elements?

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