Automated end-to-end testing of web applications

Marius Macher |
27. September 2018 |

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Welcome to a new age of automated testing!

In the process of digital transformation, not only are businesses affected by the challenges of digital optimization but the field of software development is also hit by digital disruptions at its core. In this article, I will focus on the digital transformation of software development in the field of software testing in particular.

Automation of tasks, which are time-consuming and error-prone when performed by humans become more and more replaced by the highly efficient technologies, which provide reproducible results: Automation tools used by digital companies enable these businesses more and more to focus on their actual business and create business value instead of dealing with time-consuming IT tasks.

Quick facts of (test) automation

Benefits of automated end-to-end testing of web applications

Using such cutting-edge technologies for automation of software testing provides significant benefits such as:

  • Reduction of costs
  • Regression tests – the automated tests are reproducible
  • The initial efforts to develop tests are quickly amortized
  • Bugs are more likely to be detected at an early stage of the development process because the tests can be run at any time during the development process
  • Test scripts are usually reusable for new tests – which increases the speed of developing tests when getting synergies for recurring design patterns


When it comes to testing of web applications in a validated environment in particular, the usage of automated testing can help to significantly cut the costs for documented testing. Especially, if the tests are rerun after software updates. For each software change, the tests have to be run once-again. Each rerun of the tests means a gain in terms of effort invested and time-into-market because the test scripts do already exist and need only be adapted to cover the software changes.


Modern testing frameworks can help make your life easier – there is a wide range of automated testing tools available with different use cases like Cypress, Puppeteer, TestCafé and many others. My personal choice for automated testing of web applications is currently the comprehensive Cypress framework.

Some of these new tools have left me deeply impressed by how much this area of technology has improved over the last few years. I urge you to have a look for yourself!


Stay tuned!

Should I have caught your interest on this topic, please contact us about our white paper on automated testing which will be available soon.
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Marius Macher


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