fme OpenText Documentum D2 Applications: Contract Management & D2 Extensions

von Kirstin Dreyfuerst |
Aug 1, 2018 |
Enterprise Content Management

The continuously growing number of contracts and their precise handling is a constant challenge to many organizations. Therefore, fme developed an OpenText Documentum D2 based Contract Management Framework. With this framework, clients can efficiently manage their contracts and ensure that they are accurately recorded and audited to meet compliance guidelines. But what’s behind all this? Let’s take a closer look!

OpenText Documentum D2 – a solid backbone

The OpenText D2 background provides a configurable and adaptable basis with which the contract management solution can easily be adapted to customer needs.

Main functions of the fme D2 Contract Management Framework

The solution contains all basic settings for the setup of contract management documents and processes: a set of document types with attributes, lifecycles and workflows, permission control and search and reporting functionality.

Additionally it contains a specific clause library functionally to compose contracts of already reviewed and internally approved text blocks, which are organized as part documents and serve as contract template parts. This reduces risks of inconsistency and ensures organizational compliance.

Widgets extension

If the out-of-the-box search and reporting functionality is not sufficient, additionally extended widgets can be integrated to support a simplified user interface and a dimension view to display hierarchical search results based on configurable definitions.

With the first widget a simplified user interface is available in which search criteria can be defined with configurable settings. This defines how to display the search results, which columns in the grid view and which details in the detailed view. This interface can be used for users who are only interested in searching and reporting functionality. All power functions are hidden for this user group in order to make the application easier. Power functions are then only displayed for power users based on the permission and role concept.

With the second widget dimension views are available to show information for flexible and configurable reporting, including hierarchical structures without storing real folder structures. Different business areas often need different structures for their documents, based on different user specific contexts. With this widget configurable structures for different user groups can be defined in order to allow a different navigation.

On the left side it shows a hierarchy structure which is built up based on attribute information from documents or other database sources. The right side shows the corresponding list of documents. Below the list of documents, details with more information on a selected document can be displayed.

Both widgets are based on the Smart GWT framework. If other requirements need to be fulfilled which is not possible with out-of-the-box D2 configuration, also other widgets can be created and integrated into the D2 application.

Our solution for your success

If you are interested in fme’s contract management solution or the extension of those applications, please contact us.
For further information about the fme D2 Contract Management Framework, check out our Datasheet and (German) on-demand Webinar.


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